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Ringler Hires John Rafferty as Senior Vice President of Operations Strategy

Ringler – the nation’s largest settlement planning company – is pleased to announce that John E. Rafferty, of San Clemente California, has joined Ringler as the Senior Vice President of Operations Strategy.

John Rafferty

Before coming to Ringler, Mr. Rafferty was Vice President of Marketing and Operations for a major insurance company. In this capacity he led the operations division — planning, organizing and leading the marketing team with multiple channel strategies and data driven segmentation plans. His proven track record of driving revenue through strategy development and building strategic partnerships has defined his career successes.

As Senior Vice President of Operations Strategy at Ringler, Mr. Rafferty will be part of the senior management team. Mr. Rafferty’s primary role will include improvement of business processes, enhancing data gathering and data analysis capabilities, analysis of product and sales opportunities in the marketplace, development and implementation of new products and services, and preparation of analytical reports for implementation of growth initiatives.

CEO Geoffrey Hunt is excited to welcome Mr. Rafferty to the team, saying, “John brings a wealth of talent and has a proven track record of success in roles within international insurance companies, start-ups and consulting to multinationals. He will be an instrumental executive member of our team as we accelerate our transformative environment that continues Ringler as the leader in our profession.”

In response, Mr. Rafferty added, “I’m very impressed with the leadership team at Ringler and their cadre of Associates.  They’re innovative thought leaders who are never complacent or willing to settle with the status quo. I’m thrilled to be a part of this outstanding company.”

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