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Jimmy's Solution


Jimmy, your typical 9-year-old daredevil, tried jumping three rungs at once on the monkey bars behind his apartment. Fortunately, he made it, but unfortunately, maintenance was lax and a rusted-through steel rung snapped.


Options for a $50,000 settlement that matched the vision Jimmy’s parents have for his future


Dear Ringler:

Jimmy shattered his knee when he fell, but luckily he’s young and will fully recover. So we didn’t need to plan for long-term medical care, but we still wanted to get the most out of his settlement without taking any risks. To be honest, the number of options Ringler presented floored us. We settled on a plan that guarantees four years of college tuition, a small monthly stipend starting at age 22 that will last 10 years, and a lump-sum payment when he turns 32. Perfect for a good start on life and maybe even a down payment on a new house (with brand new monkey bars) for his growing family.

Regards, Greg and Pam (Daredevil Jimmy’s parents)