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No “What-Ifs” With Structured Sale

Dave and Maria's Solution


Dave and Maria years ago made a smart decision to purchase a prime retail property in a solid location. Fortunately, the property held its value. Now the two baby boomers want to cash out and ensure a steady source of income as they enter retirement.


Peace of mind is key to Dave and Maria as they enter their “golden years.” They want secure payments, long term. Plus, a little tax benefit would be nice.


After Dave and Maria structured the sale of their retail property, they wrote to friends about their experience…

Dear Bob and Tammy:

Our real estate broker saw a Ringler presentation on structured sales and thought it might be a good fit for us. Cash from the sale goes to a highly rated life insurance company, creating an annuity to distribute guaranteed payments back to us. We never have to worry about the “what ifs” of a standard installment contract where you depend on the buyer to make payments for five, 10, 15 years or longer. And the money is there with interest no matter what happens in the market.

Plus – and this is a big plus – we defer capital gains tax because the IRS only taxes income the year it’s received. That means we have more money to earn interest over several years rather than paying it all to Uncle Sam up front. The Ringler folks helped us map out several payment scenarios that fit our needs while working through all the details with our attorney, real estate broker and CPA.

Before you two make a final decision on selling Bob’s law practice, we think you should give our Ringler consultant a call.

Missing you,

Dave and Maria