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David V. Ringler
1939 – 2014

David V. Ringler
1939 – 2014

Ringer Associates’ Founder Dave Ringler Passes Away at 75, Recognized as a Pioneer in the Structured Settlements Industry

Posted December 4, 2014

Across more than 60 offices nationwide at Ringler Associates, Incorporated, hearts are heavy after hearing the news that our founder, Dave Ringler has lost his valiant battle with cancer. As our 40th anniversary at Ringler Associates approaches, we reflect on the foresight and leadership that Dave Ringler provided over the years. He had the vision to create a unique company in 1975, paving the way for Ringler Associates to become the largest structured settlement company in the nation.

Dave Ringler has been described as a giant in our industry, a pioneer with vision, a charismatic leader and a genuinely nice guy. “Without Dave’s leadership, our company would not be where it is today”, says Ringler Associates Chairman Ross Duncan. “He was a friend to all of us and he established the real sense of camaraderie among the associates that thrives still at Ringler.”

“Dave knew it was important to combine the efforts of the best structured settlement brokers in order to grow the product. No one person is more proud of our 40 years in business than Dave,” says President and CEO Robert J. Blattenberg.

It has been said about Dave Ringler that he believed in the people he hired and hiring the best people was the key to Ringler becoming the leader in the profession. “That was his gospel,” says former Ringler Chairman Mike Casey, “Dave taught me. I was 28 years old then and my success is largely thanks to Dave.”

“Dave foresaw a national company with local experts knowledgeable in local conditions dealing with local claim organizations and attorneys. His vision was critical to the early and continuous success of the company,” explains long time friend and one of the first Ringler Associates, Cecil Mathews.

Dave Ringler was also founder of the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA) in 1985 and served as the first president of the association. He was recently presented with NSSTA’s first Lifetime Achievement Award. Dave graduated from Washington State University in 1961 with a B.A. in Journalism and Economics. He was published in the Los Angeles Times, National Underwriter, and Trial Magazine, and spoke on structured settlements and the claims process throughout the United States. Dave was a nationally ranked tennis player, and he completed 18 full marathons while living in Southern California.

Dave Ringler is survived by his beloved wife, Debbie Spencer Ringler, children Reed Ringler of Lexington, KY, Dan Ringler of Encinitas, CA, Jennifer Ringler of Ventura, CA, Kert Mullinax of Charleston, SC, and Brian Mullinax of Charleston, SC; 11 grandchildren; and his brother, John Ringler, of Seattle, WA.