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Settlement Plans Deliver Security to You and Your Clients

When everything is tallied up – tax-free earnings, guaranteed return, competitive rates – security is the single most important benefit of the structured settlements at the heart of every settlement plan from Ringler. Security for your clients – knowing that money will always be there to meet their needs, and security for you – knowing that you maximized your clients’ settlement while ensuring sound, long-term fiscal management. That way, Everybody Wins.

Consider the Alternatives

Your clients have choices when their claim or lawsuit is settled:

  • Lump-sum cash settlement
  • Guaranteed periodic payments through a structured settlement annuity
  • Combination of cash, payments through a structured settlement or trust product, or other financial investments

Clients who choose traditional investments assume the associated risks during both stable and volatile economic conditions. Injured people requiring lifetime care and support cannot afford to wait for their investments to recover from a down market when they need cash for medical or other emergencies. These are especially important considerations for cases involving children or those who are permanently incapacitated.

Clients who choose cash are even more vulnerable to misguided investment decisions or unscrupulous outside influences. Indeed, many of us have seen injured people burn through their settlement money in just a few years all too often.

Safe From the Bulls and the Bears

Working with a Ringler consultant will pay off as part of your due diligence during a settlement negotiation. The only sure way to cover the nut for your client is with a guaranteed, tax-free structured settlement annuity issued by a leading life insurance company. If you think that sounds a little too good to be true, here are several reasons why you and your client can rest assured that these investments will be there regardless of the latest gyrations on Wall Street:

  • Ringler only recommends annuities backed by the nation’s top-rated life insurance companies (review the list).
  • State insurance regulations protect policyholders by preventing insurers from making unsound investment choices.
  • Insurers are required to have reserves and statutory surpluses adequate to meet ongoing policy obligations.
  • Insurers are regularly audited by state insurance commissioners to ensure compliance with accounting standards and investment practices designed to provide fiscal stability.

Are Your Clients Asking the Right Questions?

It’s understandable that anyone receiving a large sum of money, especially following a life-changing event, would want to compare all the alternatives. Yes, structured settlement annuities do feature a competitive rate of return when compared to similar safe investment options. This is especially true when you consider that structured settlements are not subject to the fees or taxes that reduce the actual returns on other investments.

But rather than face the next 30 years or more fretting over investment decisions made today, your clients should really be asking the most important question of all: “Will the money be there when I need it most?” The only guaranteed “yes” to that question is with a structured settlement – the financial tool Congress created exclusively for injured people – as part of a settlement plan from Ringler.

Working With You

Learn more about how Ringler will make your job easier with a straightforward, respectful and responsive settlement plan built on a structured settlement. You may also be interested in how you can enjoy many of the same financial benefits available to your clients by structuring your attorney fees as well. And any time you would like to discuss the specifics of a settlement plan for your client, look up the Ringler® consultant located nearest you.

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