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A word or two from others will tell you more in a minute about structured settlements and what it’s like to work with Ringler than paragraph after paragraph from us. Below, get it “right from the horse’s mouth,” as they say, including comments from attorneys, mediators and other court officials, insurance professionals and executives, political leaders and other prominent advocates for injured people and their families.


It’s Always a Pleasure
It’s always a pleasure to bring up Ringler’s name in settlement cases and have those involved know and understand Ringler’s reputation. Ringler is one of the few structured settlement companies that have a trustworthy, reliable reputation in the industry.

– David Na, Managing Partner; David Jane & Associates

Client Loves Peace of Mind
I have a client telling me how meaningful it is for her to not have to worry about her money losing value in the stock market or real estate or just spending the cash sitting in a bank. Month after month it’s a consistent payment stream, and she doesn’t have to worry about her livelihood.

Jeffrey S. Mitchell, Attorney; Emison, Hullverson, Mitchell, LLP

Ringler Consultant “Magic” at Negotiations
There is something to be said for a neutral structured settlement consultant who is able to actually develop a tailor-made plan for consideration right in that room. Then the Ringler consultant showed his magic in explaining it to everyone at the table.

– Henri Demers, Attorney, Defense, Long Island, N.Y.

My Proudest Moment
Some of my most proud moments as a lawyer are when I can resolve a case for a client, provide them with a lifetime of security, and then see the results of that work thanks to the benefits of structured settlement… especially when children are involved.

– John Lancione Jr., Attorney, Pharmaceuticals and
Medical Device Litigation, Cleveland

Stock Market Is Like Flushing Money Down the Toilet
The annuities that fund structured settlements are great products, especially in an economy where putting money into the stock market is just like flushing it down a toilet. Annuities are guaranteed with solid companies.

– Peter Villari, Attorney, Villari, Brandes & Kline, P.C., Conshohocken, Philadelphia

Tough to Keep Up With Medicare Set-Asides
I recommend early contact with your Ringler consultant. They are out there doing this all the time, and they’re more current with Medicare/Medicaid regulations than any lawyer could possibly be who is also out litigating cases.

– Nancy Adel, Attorney, Los Angeles

Clients Really Appreciate “Guaranteed”
Structures are a way to provide a client with a certain amount of money on a periodic basis so that they’re not looking at a big lump sum. They know that it’s guaranteed, and know that they’re always going to have it.

– Deborah Nelson, Attorney, Former President,
Washington State Trial Lawyers Association, Seattle

You Never Know What’s Going to Happen
I always tell my client, you’re basically creating a life insurance policy for yourself when you’re talking about buying a structured settlement for a loved one, whether a child or a spouse. Regardless of what happens to you, you know that there is always going to be money flowing in from that annuity to take care of your loved one.

– Paul Brandes, Attorney, Villari, Brandes & Kline, P.C., Conshohocken, Philadelphia


Helps Us Resolve the Case
I think it’s very helpful to have Ringler there from the beginning. It’s a very effective team effort that not only helps educate the injured person to the advantages of a structured settlement, but also helps us resolve the case in a manner that works for everybody.

– Rick Kaufman, Mediator, Former Judge, Attorney

Establishing Important Bonds
One of the many talents we’ve seen with our Ringler consultant is his ability to connect and relate to accident victims, i.e., individuals, personal representatives of estates, parents of injured children, etc. On multiple occasions, I believe cases have settled because of this ability to bond with the plaintiffs.

Daniel P. Makarski, Mediator, Attorney

Get the Structure Consultant Involved
The job of both the mediator and the structured settlement broker is to get the case settled. If the structured settlement broker is advocating a larger structure, that helps the plaintiff. The defendant will also normally trust the structured settlement broker. My advice; get them involved.

– Mark Bunim, Mediator, Structured Settlements and Mediation in Toyota Cases

Insurance Professionals

My Son Attended the College of His Choice
A structured settlement allowed my son to attend the college of his choice after a car accident when he was a nine-year-old child. So I have to tell you, I’ve seen it from all angles. When people see the advantages, the security and most importantly the flexibility in meeting their needs, they always come back and say, “Structured settlements are for me.”

– Dan Durbin, Former President and Current Board Member,
National Structured Settlements Trade Association

Going Beyond the Numbers
While the Ringler consultant we work with provides excellent service quoting annuity contracts, he goes well beyond just the numbers. His ability to make a human connection with the plaintiff breaks down barriers and allows the subsequent settlement discussion to take place. He is a true ally in the negotiation process.

– Vicki Stark, Specialty Claims Manager, GuideOne Mutual Insurance Company

100 Percent of Every Payment Tax Exempt
When Congress amended the federal tax code, it explicitly provided that 100 percent of every qualified structured settlement payment would be exempt from federal income taxes. Other assets can’t provide that same tax sufficiency.

– Mark McVeigh, VP Marketing and Distribution, Liberty Life

You Can Get on With Your Life
You don’t have to worry and manage where your funds are going to come from. They’re replaced with what looks like a paycheck, a monthly paycheck, so you can get on with your life and not worry about that aspect.

– Bobby Steele, Former Insurance Executive, American International Group


Future Payments Protected By State Regulators
Someone considering a structured settlement should appreciate the important legal safeguards for those future payments. State regulators nationwide have a strong record of enforcing the many consumer protections that help guarantee a structured annuity’s financial security. Our commitment and today’s updated laws offer exceptionally effective financial security far into the future.

– Kevin M. McCarty, President, National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Structures Help Put Lives Back Together, Congressman Says
Money alone can’t make up for the pain from a severe injury. But a structured settlement’s guaranteed tax-free income can go a long way toward helping people put their lives back together after a tragedy.

– Hon. John Lewis, Civil rights leader and member of Congress, Georgia

No Disincentive to Going Back to Work, Disability Leader Says
Structured settlements are a model benefit for people with disabilities because there’s no financial disincentive if you choose to go back to work.

– Andrew J. Imparato, Former President, American Association
of People with Disabilities, Washington, D.C.

Structure Helped Congressman Put Life Back Together
Structured settlements ensure that victims have enough funds to not only pay their bills today, but also in the future. I am one of those victims whose life needed to be put back together.

– Hon. James Langevin, member of Congress, Rhode Island,
and structured settlement beneficiary