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Settlement Plans Can Smooth Negotiations

A Ringler settlement plan – built on a tax-free, guaranteed structured settlement – can help bridge differences during a negotiation by moving the focus from a lump-sum dollar amount today to meeting the financial needs and aspirations of the injured person tomorrow. A Ringler consultant can provide the objectivity to help all parties see the best solution, the candor to clear away some typical negotiation roadblocks and the quick response necessary to save time for everyone involved. On the financial merits alone, an offer via a structured settlement can produce a much greater total payout thanks to the time value of money, the tax-free status and the lack of management fees.

But more important really is peace of mind: once a structure is locked in, the injured person and his or her dependents never have to worry again about the settlement money and the challenges of financial management, the ups and downs of the economy or unscrupulous outside influences.

A Better Option During Economic Uncertainty

You will also discover that a structured settlement is a better option for an injured person during these times of economic uncertainty and roller coaster rides on Wall Street. All payments and earnings are tax-free. There is near limitless opportunity to design a future payment stream that will meet specific lifetime needs. And federal laws require that the settlement be funded by life insurance annuities, one of the few investments left in America that are virtually guaranteed.

Settlement plans are also attractive because they:

  • Integrate payments with other income and insurance sources, thus maximizing overall return;
  • Ease retirement fears by providing a payment guarantee that looks pretty good compared to the uncertainty of many pension plans;
  • Protect against creditors and divorce claims, depending on applicable state exemption statues; and,
  • Avoid probate, as structured payments bypass probate court if there is a beneficiary.

Bottom line: a settlement plan can often create a more attractive offer than straight cash and be a win-win for all involved.

Working With You

Your Ringler® consultant is an expert financial consultant who will consider all investment options to design a payment stream for the injured person that works within various settlement parameters. Learn more about how Ringler will make your job easier with a straightforward, respectful and responsive settlement plan built on a structured settlement. And any time you would like to discuss the specifics of your case, look up the Ringler consultant located nearest you.

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