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Questions to Ask When Bringing a Professional to the Settlement Table?

Everyone at the settlement table has a responsibility to the injured party. Here are important questions you may consider asking. Read more.

Who’s Making Money Off My Settlement?

There are a lot of people involved in a settlement. Some are there to make money, some are there to help.
Read more.

What is the Purpose of Settling a Case?

The purpose of settling a case is to resolve a claim. If you choose not to settle, here are the things you may want to consider. Read more.

Is a Structured Installment Sale Right for Selling Your Business

As an entrepreneur/business owner – a structured installment sale may just be the perfect consideration for your business sale! Read more.

Special Needs Trusts: Part of a Good Settlement Plan

People often create trusts to help manage and protect their assets for the future. When considering a trust, it’s important to understand the different types available. Read more.