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Finding the Perfect Balance Between Saving Your Settlement Money and Spending It

Settling your case can be an exciting but overwhelming time. Thankfully, there are ways to balance savings with buying the occasional treat! Read more.

Unlocking Tax Benefits with Structured Installment Sales

In this blog post, MetLife Sales Director Phil Petite breaks down the intricacies of structured installment sales and how they can benefit sellers and buyers.
Read more.

Leveraging New Financial Products for Structured Settlement Holders

With changing financial landscapes, such as low-interest rates and rising inflation concerns, how can someone with a structured settlement ensure their funds continue to meet their needs? Read more.

Investing Wisely: Tax-Free, Guaranteed Returns with Structured Settlements

When considering how to receive settlement funds, it’s important to think beyond the money and consider the future. A structured settlement can provide someone who received a physical injury with an individually designed plan to provide tax-free income with a guaranteed return. Read more.

How to Prevent Treatment Denials with Medicare Set-asides (MSA)

When navigating the complexities of personal injury settlements, it’s crucial to be proactive about Medicare Set-asides (MSAs) and avoid potential treatment denials. Read more.