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A Call for More Consumer Protection
Against Factoring

The predatory practice of structured settlement factoring preys on the financial needs of disabled people. Ringler condemns it strongly.  Read more.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Insurance Company

There’s a stigma out there about insurance companies and those who work for them. Here’s a closer look at the process so you can feel more at ease. Read more.

What Does a Structured Settlement Consultant Do?

Who are structured settlement consultants, and what exactly does a structured settlement do? We answer those questions and provide examples! Read more.

Questions to Ask When Bringing a Professional to the Settlement Table?

Everyone at the settlement table has a responsibility to the injured party. Here are important questions you may consider asking. Read more.

Who’s Making Money Off My Settlement?

There are a lot of people involved in a settlement. Some are there to make money, some are there to help.
Read more.