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How Everybody Wins

Objectivity combined with expertise, experience and an acknowledged reputation for collaboration is how Ringler helps everybody win. Rather than representing the interests of just one party, we dedicate ourselves to being responsive and respectful to the needs of everyone involved in settlement negotiations. The result:

Win … for attorneys, by providing them with the detailed information and recommendations they require to analyze how a settlement plan and structured settlement will meet the needs of their client. More here for attorneys.

Win … for insurance professionals, in bridging the gap between a lump-sum offer and the expectations of the injured person with the greater payout, tax advantages and guarantees from a structured settlement. More here for insurance professionals.

Win … for injured people (and their loved ones), knowing a plan is in place that will guarantee income for life’s greatest obligations, and that they can finally move on without having to worry about managing a large sum of money. More here for injured people.

We know every injury and every negotiation is different, which is why Ringler consultants specialize in designing custom settlement plans that explore all the options.

Read What Others Are Saying

Better yet, hear what others are saying about how Ringler consultants foster a spirit of success at the settlement table. Read testimonials here from injured people, defense and corporate attorneys; former judges, mediators and other court officials; insurance adjusters, administrators and executives; and political leaders and other prominent advocates for injured people and their families.

Sooner Is Better Than Later

There are many benefits to involving Ringler in settlement planning early on. So gather up your questions and contact a Ringler® consultant now for answers on how we can help create a win, win, win settlement plan for you.

Everybody Wins When You Plan a Settlement with Ringler