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How Insurance Professionals Win with Ringler

What better description could you have at the end of your career as an insurance professional then this: You were “firm but fair” in your dealings with injury victims?

A Ringler consultant can help you achieve that accolade in many ways. We know that your goal is to make sure that the claimant is compensated fairly, and justly, based on the circumstances of the claim. A settlement plan built on a structured settlement annuity from Ringler will get you there in a more timely fashion while avoiding additional loss expenses and the possibility of added litigation.

Other advantages to a Ringler settlement plan include:

  • Spot-on analysis of a claimant’s future financial needs based on objectivity, experience and the latest planning tools
  • Expert advice on coordinating public benefits, assisting in lien resolution, and accessing substandard underwriting to maximize claim dollars
  • Exceptional service and technical proficiency from Ringler consultants who know the investment products they represent inside and out, as well as all applicable regulations
  • No management fees as we are compensated via the sale of annuities and other investment products

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