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Chairman’s Letter

The Ringler Family: Dedicated to Your Settlement Success


Dear Friends:

I’m excited to be the Chairman of Ringler, succeeding our long-time leader Ross Duncan at a time when Ringler is again proving its innovation, expertise and experience in the market.  The planned growth and diversification of our company is aligned with our reputation for excellence in the industry. Not only does Ringler have the expertise in structured settlement planning solutions with our Ringler Consultants in 70 cities across the United States, we continue to forge key partnerships with companies that have important products and services that will help claimants, attorneys, insurance professionals, judges and mediators address present and future financial needs that, in turn, make families strong. This is and will continue to be our mission every day.

Another point I want you to know about is the dedication of our Ringler family to you and to each other. There is no better place to find the consummate professional who can serve the people who need our services in the litigation, insurance and financial service arenas. Each Ringler Consultant, along with our Ringler Management Team and Board of Directors, is laser focused on that goal.  And within Ringler, our strength is our people. These are people who have worked with each other for years – some for decades – united in our collective aim to find winning solutions that secure the futures of individuals and families impacted by a legal settlement. And here at Ringler, we support great organizations such as the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and the National Structured Settlement Association (NSSTA), among others as part of our advocacy priorities.

Spending the last 26 years in the insurance business and the better part of the last decade at Ringler, I want those reading this letter to know how important family is to me as well. My family and the Ringler family are, and will always be, my priority.  I come from a large family of Farrells in Connecticut and New York, raised with strong values of family above everything else. I’ve been married to my wife Debbie for 23 years, and we have two daughters, Jordan and Madison.  I can assure you that family will be at the core of my vision for Ringler as I begin my term as Chairman.

At Ringler, we pledge to continue our steadfast dedication to and respect for the people we serve with the objectivity, diligence, expertise and best-in-class results you’ve come to expect.  I look forward to the future at Ringler, helping your family with our family.


Brian M. Farrell, Jr.