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Our History

Vision of Collaboration and Dedication to the Injured Person

When Ringler Associates incorporated in 1975, the vision of our six founders was centered on the injured person and to collaborate with everyone at the settlement table. Working together meant relationships and resources were the secrets to success. Because the founders knew their people at Ringler were their most important resource, the Ringler motto became Our Success is Our People.

RINGLER-Wilcome NAME ONLY LOGO blue TMsymbol stackedThe original Ringler logo with six interlocking rings represented the six founders. The rings also signified the people involved in collaborating and designing the best settlement plan: the injured person and their family, the independent Ringler consultant and their staff, the attorneys and insurance professionals. This culture of service and commitment has helped to build Ringler into the largest network of independent structured settlement consultants in America. Soon our motto became The First Name in Structured Settlements. No one could match it.

Tradition of Independence

Every Ringler® consultant, in over 70 offices nationwide, is an independent owner and thus highly motivated to exceed customer expectations. This tradition of independence and entrepreneurship has inspired numerous innovations at Ringler, including the incorporation of various types of trust concepts in the structured settlement proposal. Ringler also pioneered the use of sophisticated damage analysis and life care plans in structured settlements, which better define both the needs and costs for the injured person’s future care.

And Ringler is always in tune with the latest technology to provide expeditious quotes so that the settlement planning process can move along. So Ringler customers have the best of both worlds today: customer-focused consultants backed by the strength and resources of the nation’s largest settlement planning company.

Adapting to Change and Still Leading the Way

Over the years, the fundamentals of collaboration and independence have fueled steady growth at Ringler. Today there are more Ringler® consultants and more Ringler offices serving more injured people, attorneys and insurance professionals than any other organization. In fact, a Ringler consultant was involved in one-third of all successful structured settlements completed nationally in 2013. That’s experience. That’s resources. And that’s confidence.

To better reflect the expertise Ringler consultants bring to the latest in settlement planning, we recently updated the presentation of our brand throughout the company. As evidenced by the new slogan, “Everybody Wins,” we are highlighting a Ringler tradition of helping everyone succeed at the settlement table by providing prompt, objective and inspired service. This initiative is more than simply a “new look,” but rather a commitment by everyone here to go beyond traditional settlement planning and keep pace with the latest innovations in the financial, legal and insurance industries.

For more information about settlement planning with Ringler, browse our newly designed website, listen to a free podcast on Ringler Radio™, or download information from the Literature Rack. You can also contact a Ringler consultant at any time to discuss how an objective settlement plan might be the answer you’ve been looking for. We want to partner with you to build a safe, secure and sound settlement plan.