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This injury has put a terrible strain on you and those closest to you. Now you’ve been asked to put your trust in a Ringler consultant to help develop a financial plan for your settlement. We understand how important these decisions are to your future and want you to know exactly how we will work together on a safe and secure solution that is right for you.

Listen, Innovate, Deliver

Our first priority is to understand the full economic impact of the injury on you and your family by gathering as much information as possible about your case. That starts with listening with respect to you and everyone involved in the settlement.

We will then use several powerful financial planning tools to match your financial goals and needs with a wide range of possible investment opportunities, starting with an exclusive tax-free structured settlement only available to injured people.

Other innovations your Ringler consultant will bring to the table include:

  • Resources available to the only settlement planning firm with national reach
  • Structured settlement annuities backed by the nation’s top-rated life insurance companies
  • Partnerships with financial planners throughout the country
  • Experience in all the details of settlement negotiation
  • Experts in Medicare and Medicaid laws

The end result will be a settlement plan based on objective advice, custom solutions, personal attention and practical ideas that work in the real world.

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While other structured settlement consultants often represent the interests of only one party at the settlement table, we’ve earned a reputation for dealing with everyone fairly. But don’t just take our word for it – check out what others are saying about Ringler.