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How Attorneys Win with Ringler

“Everybody wins” might seem counterintuitive when approaching the sometimes-contentious environment surrounding litigation. But that’s exactly our goal at Ringler. We dedicate ourselves to being objective and responsive to the needs of counsel on both sides of the settlement table.

For the plaintiff attorney, that means:

  • Recognizing that your first priority is covering all the bases to insure a settlement that will best protect your client’s financial interests, now and in the future
  • Designing a settlement plan based on an objective review of all financial options, including a tax-free, guaranteed structured settlement
  • Protecting any public benefits available to your client, such as Medicare or Medicaid, with ancillary financial services, lien resolution, special needs trusts and more

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For the insurance attorney, that means:

  • Providing the detailed projections and analysis you need to properly assess how a structure will meet your client’s settlement goals
  • Bridging the gap during negotiations by demonstrating how a Ringler settlement plan can provide better return and financial security for injured parties rather than betting it all on one lump-sum payment
  • Saving time for everyone involved with settlement plans and support based on insight, rapid response and candor

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