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Don’t Be Afraid of the Insurance Company

dont be afraid of the insurance company


You’ve been injured, and now you have to deal with the insurance company on top of the injury. This can be an intimidating situation for anyone. There’s a stigma out there about insurance companies and those who work for them. Let’s look at how the process works and how insurance companies handle your claim so you can feel more informed and at ease with the process.

Trying to Make it Easy

Insurance companies exist to protect the unexpected.  They offer peace of mind to individuals, businesses, and communities. Their goal during the claims process is to make the claimant experience seamless and easy every step of the way! “We train our claims team to provide proactive and empathetic communication with clear explanations of what to expect during the claims process.  We hold ourselves accountable to be responsive and available when we are needed,” said Stephanie Buchner, Vice President of US Casualty Claims at Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Breaking The Stigma

Some people may be conditioned to think the insurance company is “out to get them” and only cares about their bottom line. However, If you speak with anyone who works in the insurance industry, they will tell you the real purpose of their job is to help people!  Yes, sometimes their role involves delivering tough messages; insurance coverage can be complex, and sometimes it’s difficult to understand all the nuances.  But, a good adjuster will focus on explaining insurance coverage while being fair, paying what is owed according to the insurance policy and the law.

Filing Your Claim

When it comes time to file your claim it’s important to know what to expect to make the process easier for everyone involved.  Be prepared to share details about the claim including specifically what happened, details on the damages or injuries, witness information, etc.  Providing information quickly and openly is likely to make the claim process move faster and easier.

Improving The Claims Process

“We are always making improvements to the claims process for the injured party.  For worker’s compensation claims, for example, we have created an injured worker portal that allows injured workers to view benefit payments, enroll in direct deposit, contact their claim specialist, search for providers, and review FAQs about the claims process.  For auto claims, we’ve enhanced our repair network with shops that provide quality repairs that are backed by a lifetime guarantee and enabled text message capabilities to improve communication overall,” said Buchner.

We’re People Too

Sometimes people forget that insurance companies are run by people too, not just a big machine.  Accidents can happen quickly and when they do, they frequently require support from multiple individuals as well as an insurance company. “We’ve had the opportunity to help people with all types of claims including minor incidents, medium-severity losses, and catastrophic incidents. That duty of giving back and helping others is what keeps us motivated to continue in this space. We help people embrace today and confidently pursue tomorrow.  It’s very rewarding to have that noble purpose in our work each day!” said Buchner.

Dealing with an injury can be stressful enough.  Now that you know more about insurance companies and how your claims process will work, hopefully, you can look at it all in a new light.  At Ringler, we have consultants in every state to help and we look forward to assisting you.  You can easily begin your search here: Ringler Consultant Search

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