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How the Ringler Team Makes the Settlement Process Seamless for the Client

How the Ringler Team Makes the Settlement Process Seamless for the Client

Ringler consultants and their staff help make the settlement process seamless! Each Ringler consultant has a team that works to get the details right every step of the way, but at Ringler, we go the extra mile to support our consultants on a local basis. Having these processes in place help make sure that everything is done properly.

What is Ringler’s Service Center?

The role of Ringler’s Service Center is to deliver to Ringler consultants a solution to their back-office settlement support needs.  This allows our consultants to solely focus on their clients and leave the paperwork to us. Our focus is to support our local offices as their business grows so that their clients enjoy a seamless transition and a smooth experience.

The Ringler Service Center is staffed with seasoned professionals. Our team as a whole has an average 15+ years in the settlement industry. We all come from different regions of the country. Everyone at Ringler’s service center team has worked with varied books of business over the years;  giving us the hands-on experience needed. We have extensive shared documentation of jurisdictional differences needed to support cases across the country.

We promote a team environment and are always available to work with another Settlement Support Specialist. This allows us to be available to our consultants as their staff needs increase.  We are extremely flexible with our consultants and work with them to find the right balance of time allocation. We also match our team’s skill set and time zone to each consultant.  This helps to meet their needs today and allows the flexibility to adjust when needs change with growth and transition.

How Do the Settlement Support Specialists at the Service Center Make the Settlement Process Seamless?

Our Settlement Support Specialists use and maintain the Life Company section of our internal database, the Ringler Portal.  Each Settlement Support Specialist is intimately familiar with the Life Companies rules and restrictions.  This knowledge includes Life Companies required process and procedures and their documents.

For our clients and consultants, our quick access to information provides valuable support. It allows us to provide, collect and submit accurate documents to the unique requirements of each of the Life Markets. By doing this, it allows the Life Markets to quickly turn around the policies. This is a valuable benefit to our consultants and clients! This means they can all move beyond the settlement process seamlessly.

How Does the Ringler Service Center Work With Local Administrative Support to Deliver Excellence?

The Service Center provides local Ringler consultants with the ability to lean on a team when there’s a question or when they need to find a solution to a problem. Helping with ongoing training is also a critical piece.  Collaborating with someone that has handled a similar issue can bring better solutions. The Service Center’s philosophy is based in teamwork so knowledge can be aggregated and shared to provide the best solutions possible.

The Service Center has an open forum to ask questions in real time and gather feedback from other Settlement Support Specialists from across the Ringler community.  And, those questions can be turned into training opportunities to help in the day-to-day work and to better serve the clients and the carriers.

There is no other firm in the industry with this kind of support. Ringler’s Service Center is a key reason that Ringler is able to deliver such a white glove settlement experience.

Creating a settlement process that’s seamless for our clients is just one way Ringler creates Win-Win solutions. With over 250 professionals in more than 70 offices nationwide, our Service Center Team is the backbone of what we do. To find a Ringler Consultant near you, start your search here:  Ringler Consultant Near Me


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