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Investing Wisely: Tax-Free, Guaranteed Returns with Structured Settlements

Investing Wisely: Tax-Free, Guaranteed Returns with Structured Settlements

Financial stability for the future without the risk of playing the market is something that everyone can get behind!

When considering how to receive settlement funds, it’s important to think beyond the money and consider the future. While it may seem logical to take the money and put it in a bank account for future investing, that can be a dangerous path. Investing can provide wonderful returns and certainly can afford an opportunity for money to grow, but it also comes with risk. Another option is to design a customized structured settlement that will protect the settlement money and be preserved for future needs.

A structured settlement can provide someone who received a physical injury with an individually designed plan to provide tax-free income with a guaranteed return. Having a structured settlement available removes the uncertainty in investing with a very favorable rate of return. Tax-free income with a guaranteed return!!! And, for those who have a risk appetite for investing, a structured settlement is a great addendum to the investment plan because it can also be used as the conservative portion of the investment portfolio.

In my 20 years in this industry, today’s interest rates are the best available by far. The average stock market return since 2000 is 6.90%, and when adjusted for inflation, the average return is 4.29%. A structured settlement in today’s market can provide a TAX-FREE return in excess of these returns – guaranteed!

Structured settlements remove the worry over volatile financial markets and world events that can change annually. Injured parties need stability to help them recover from their injuries, and structured settlements are a valuable tool to assist in this. It has always been an honor to assist injured people and their families, but delivering in this current rate climate is even more enjoyable.

About the Author:

Brian M. Farrell, Jr. began his career with Ringler in 2009. He owns and manages the Connecticut office and is currently Chairman of the Ringler Board of Directors. Brian joined the structured settlement industry with another firm in 2002. Brian has now helped place over $1 billion in structured settlements in his career.


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