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Leveraging New Financial Products for Structured Settlement Holders

Leveraging New Financial Products for Structured Settlement HoldersInsights from Assura Trust’s Susan Bowersox


Structured Settlements have long been a trusted route for many, offering a stable and consistent financial stream. But with changing financial landscapes, such as low-interest rates and rising inflation concerns, how can someone with a structured settlement ensure their funds continue to meet their needs? Enter Assura Trust’s innovative approach, as discussed in a recent chat with Susan Bowersox.

From Conservation to Financial Solutions

Susan’s unconventional journey from a conservation biologist to working with Assura Trust shows that diverse experiences can lead to unique insights. Her path has equipped her with a broad perspective for understanding the various needs of structured settlement holders.

Assura Trust: Meeting Modern Financial Challenges

The creation of Assura Trust is a response to the evolving financial challenges many face. Assura Trust was founded as a subsidiary of the robust Midwest Trust Company to specifically cater to the concerns and needs of those in the litigation market. Their collaborations with financial powerhouses like Vanguard and BlackRock ensure they bring top-tier expertise.

Why Growth Structured Settlements Matter for You

If you hold a structured settlement, you might wonder about diversifying your financial approach to tackle modern challenges like inflation. Assura Trust’s Growth Structured Settlement offers a solution. Instead of solely relying on the traditional structured settlement annuity, this new product provides an opportunity to engage with the market, giving your funds the potential to grow.

By integrating the Growth Structured Settlement into your financial planning, you’re not abandoning the security of fixed annuities. Instead, you’re allowing some of your funds to benefit from market participation. This dual approach offers stability and potential market upside, an essential blend in today’s unpredictable financial environment.

Crafting a Balanced Financial Strategy

Structured settlement holders looking to maximize their financial potential should consider a diversified strategy. As Susan recommends, maintain the bulk of your funds in the trusted structured settlement annuity while allocating a smaller portion to the Growth Structured Settlement. This approach helps mitigate risks while offering a chance to capitalize on market growth.

The world of structured settlements is evolving, and with the introduction of products like Assura Trust’s Growth Structured Settlement, holders have more tools at their disposal. By understanding and leveraging these new offerings, individuals with structured settlements can better navigate today’s financial challenges and create a more resilient and prosperous future.

To learn more about creating a customized structured settlement for your needs, find a structured settlement consultant near you here: Find a structured settlement consultant.

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