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Ringler Grows Business Development Team

As Ringler continues to grow and evolve, we are excited to announce additional investment in the talent of our Ringler Business Development Team. We understand that growth in the industry is not only desirable, it is also inevitable. To that end, Ringler is dedicated to continued investments in our business to accelerate growth and meet future demands.

We are also pleased to announce the addition of Matt Ross, formerly the Structured Settlement Program Manager at Liberty Mutual. Matt, as our new National Director of Business Development, is a strong addition to the team with his diverse knowledge of structured settlements and industry relationships. He will work directly with Jeanette and his Business Development colleagues to enhance the Ringler market strategy that will position the organization for growth in the years to come.

Phil Krause, National Director of Strategic Partnerships, will continue leading the development of new products and strengthening existing relationships which add to our strategic settlement offerings.

Andrea Haupert, National Director of Marketing, rounds out the team by supporting the marketing strategy both internally and externally to ensure creativity, quality and consistency in our messaging.

The future of the industry is exciting, and Ringler is poised to continue as the leader of innovation and growth.