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Ringler Hires New Chief Information Officer

Ringler, the nation’s largest settlement planning company, is pleased to announce that Butch Knowlton, of Columbus, Ohio, has joined Ringler as Chief Information Officer.

Mr. Knowlton comes to Ringler from Workforce Absence, a division of Sedgwick, where he was the Vice President in charge of Product and Technology. In this capacity, he was responsible for strategic development and execution of the full product and service offerings at Sedgwick, including business intelligence, new client implementations and all business support operations. Mr. Knowlton has been involved in the insurance industry for over 20 years in a variety of roles and brings a vast knowledge of processes and procedures to the role.

As Chief Information Officer, Mr. Knowlton will be responsible for setting and overseeing the strategy for the IT department and for defining how Ringler manages information across the organization. As a senior strategist and IT architect, he will enable Ringler to expand its competitive advantage to serve its customers and to improve profitability.

CEO Geoffrey Hunt is excited to welcome Knowlton to the team saying, “Butch brings a wealth of talent and has a proven track record of success in roles within the insurance industry. He will be an instrumental addition to Ringler as we accelerate our transformative environment that continues Ringler as the leader in our profession.”

In response, Mr. Knowlton added, “I’m excited to join the Ringler family. Together we will drive a strong foundation of a business-technical partnership that will enable us to continue to be market leaders in the 21st century. We will relentlessly pursue perfection without compromising progress.”