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What is the Purpose of Settling a Case?

What is the purpose of settling a case

The settlement process is the final step in resolving the case and attempting to make the injured person “whole” again. Choosing to not settle a case can leave the injured party in a purgatory where it’s difficult to move forward and move on.

What is the Purpose of Settling a Case?

The purpose of settling a case is to resolve the claim. Because there are always two sides to every case, settlements tend to be more like negotiations where awards and concessions are given on both sides. With that perspective, it can be easy to think of the settlement process in terms of wins and losses, but that would be the wrong way to approach the process. Instead, a better way to look at it is to have an “Everybody Wins” perspective so that no one party is left out. By adopting this mindset, the settlement process can be smoother, more seamless, and can conclude quicker.

Why is the Settlement an Important Part of Moving On?

When cases go unsettled, that doesn’t mean life just stops. Bills continue to come in, medical needs continue to be needed, and a level of future uncertainty continues to be ever-present.

In most cases, medical bills and other payments will continue for an injured person. Some will suffer from loss of future income, the inability to return to work, or other crippling financial concerns. If the claim is not resolved, this could lead to years of court costs, attorney bills, and more.  Settling a case allows the injured party to move forward with their life instead of staying stuck in legal matters for years. The focus can return back onto their life, and not the settlement itself. A settlement allows the injured party to begin to think of their future and to move on from the case itself bringing peace of mind and future financial stability.

If you are in a situation like this there are options to consider for a settlement. If you would like to consider a structured settlement that can provide the security and guaranteed long-term income tax-free payments as part of that settlement, Ringler can help. To easily find a Ringler Consultant near you, start your search here: Find a Structured Settlement Consultant Near Me

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