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Meet Ringler – This is Who We Are!

Who Do Settlement Consultants Work For?

Do you think structured settlement consultants work for insurance companies and protect their interests first? The Truth: Ringler shows that’s a myth. Structured settlement consultants are neutral and work to benefit everyone. Learn more here:

Structured Settlements are Complicated and Difficult. Not With Ringler

Structured settlements can be complicated and difficult to understand, right? No! This is a myth. A settlement consultant can help explain everything in simple terms. Learn more here:

Settlement Consultants Don’t Directly Charge Either Party Involved in a Claim

Hiring a structured settlement consultant is expensive and complicated, right? No! This is a myth. Settlement consultants don’t directly charge either party involved in a claim and they do the heavy lifting necessary for achieving closure. Learn more here:

Settlement Money is Available When it’s Needed Most

With a structured settlement, my client won’t receive easy access to funds, right? No! Ringler showed me that’s a myth, a settlement consultant calculates funding based on needs. Learn more here:

Settlement Consultant’s Expertise Often Means Claims Settled Sooner!

A structured settlement simply delays the settlement of a claim, right? No! When it comes to claims resolution, a settlement consultant’s expertise often means claims are settled sooner rather than later. Learn more here:

Settlement Consultants are Neutral – Providing the Best Solution for Everyone

A structured settlement consultant, largely benefits the injured party, right? No! That’s a myth – Settlement consultants are neutral. They find the best solution for all parties involved, helping claims, settle quickly, saving you time and money. Learn more here:

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