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Questions to Ask When Bringing a Professional to the Settlement Table

Questions to bring to the settlement table


In our last blog post, we discussed all the parties involved in a settlement case and their participation.  Each person coming to the settlement table has a responsibility to the injured party. With all these people working in a settlement process, here are some important questions you may consider asking.

Our consultants Peter Early and Angus Kennedy provided some questions they’ve encountered in real cases.

Frequently Asked Questions by Injured Party in a Settlement Conversation

Most questions are about the security of the funds, which is a great question! This is one of the main benefits of a structured settlement – the peace of mind of knowing your money is guaranteed. Structures are placed with the highest-rated companies in the industry, and each comes with a guarantee that the money will be there when it’s promised.

Here are a few more to consider:

  • Why should I structure a portion of my case?
  • What happens if a life insurance company goes bankrupt?
  • What is the rate of return?
  • How will this affect Medicare in the future?
  • What are my tax responsibilities?
  • Does a structured settlement protect me against stock market volatility?

Good Questions for an Injured Person to Ask:

In addition to questions about security, interest rates, and customizing designs, injured parties should always ask about the benefits and drawbacks of other alternatives; in other words, why choose a structure instead of cash?

  • Why a structure instead of a Trust?
  • Why a structured settlement consultant instead of a financial planner? – because the fact of the matter is both may be needed in the same case!
  • What is the life insurance company rating?
  • Are there any guarantees if the life insurance company goes bankrupt?
  • Are there any hidden costs/fees?

Finding the right fit for each client isn’t just about the guaranteed tax-free income, it’s about planning to make sure all their needs are met.

What is the Benefit of Having a Structured Settlement Consultant Involved in the Settlement Process for an Injured Party?

A structured settlement consultant’s job is to make sure the injured party is given all the options to chart the best course for their financial future as they recover from a loss.

Ringler consultants do this by customizing income streams, advising on the risks and benefits of other products, and taking advantage of the tax-free, guaranteed nature of structured settlements.

How Much Does a Ringler Consultant Charge for Their Services?

Our favorite question to answer!  Ringler consultants don’t take any money from the injured party, their attorney, or the insurance carrier. Consultants get a commission from the annuity issuer, and they all pay us the same! So, there’s no benefit to promoting one company over another. Our job is to make sure we find the best fit for the client – we’re getting paid the same amount either way and they don’t have to pay us for the best result.

Who Does a Structured Settlement Consultant Work for?

Regardless of who calls a consultant into a case, the injured person is ultimately Ringler’s client. The client (injured party) is the one deciding on their future and it’s our job to give them as many tools as we can to assist. While an injured person’s attorney and the insurance company are a part of the process, none of them are going to be getting a check in the mail years from now.

What Should an Injured Person Know About Structured Settlement Consultants?

Ringler Consultants are here to help the injured person as their top priority. Finding the best fit for each case requires a personal touch – there is no “one size fits all “solution to making someone whole again following a catastrophic loss. Taking the time to find the right solution on how to best serve the injured party, answering their questions, and customizing a solution is what we do!

Consultants like Peter Early and Agnus Kennedy have many years of experience creating customized results for an injured person. They understand how an injured party needs to financially chart a new start and maintain that long into the future. Every case and circumstance is different, and we work to customize results for each person. To work with Peter Early or Angus Kennedy or any Ringler consultant near you – easily begin your search here: Ringler Consultant Near Me

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