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Since we’ve never done a virtual Ringler U before, you probably have questions. Here are a few commonly asked questions. If your specific question isn’t addressed here, please feel free to reach out to Andrea Haupert at ahaupert@ringlerassociates.com.

Q: How many CE credits can I earn during the Virtual Ringler U?

A: A total of 6 CE credits and 2 Ethics credits

Q: Is this the same amount of CE credits that we get every year?

A: Unfortunately, no. We’re not able to deliver a full slate of courses due to the nature of virtual learning. However, we’ve done our best to give you the most value in the shortest amount of time.

Q: Do I have to attend all 3 courses?

A:  No. You can pick and choose.

Q: Can our office all log in from one computer?

A: No. Each individual who is earning the CE credit must be on their own computer so that we can properly account for his/her attendance.

Q: Do I have to log on to each individual class?

A: Yes. Each class has its own attendance roster so it’s necessary to log off from one class and log in to the next class.

Q: How will you know that I’m actively participating in the class?

A: We will have periodic check-ins and polls to make sure that everyone is still in attendance and participating. This is a requirement from the States in order to ensure that people don’t log in and walk away.

Q: How do I register for Ringler U courses?

A: Click here for the Ringler University registration page where you can sign up for any or all of our three online classes. Registration opens Jan. 25.

Q: With this virtual format, will I be able to ask questions?

A: Yes and No. We won’t have the ability to un-mute your mic in order to field live questions, but we will have a chat box and we will be watching the chat box closely so that we can get your questions answered.

Q: Does my camera need to be on?

A: No. We will not have the ability to show live video from your home or office. So feel free to join the classes in your pajamas! ☺



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