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In addition to our live CE courses, we are proud to deliver additional On Demand content for you to view at your leisure. Just click on the images to view videos. These courses are also available to Ringler employees on the Ringler Portal.


In Order to Succeed, We Must First Read!
Katherine Rogerson, Ringler



Digital Marketing for Beginners:  7 Strategies that Work! Prospecting 
The Pinnacle Group
How to Start Social Media  Marketing as a Beginner Social Media Tutorial



Ametros and Structured Settlement Brokers
Porter Leslie, Ametros
Annuity Appraisal
The Pinnacle Group
Bonds and Structures:
A Perfect Pair

Matt Ross, Ringler
Liability MSAs
CP Resolutions
Life Insurance Appraisal 
The Pinnacle Group
Medicare Advantage
Plan Liens

CP Resolutions
MSAs Submissions
CP Resolutions
Pooled Minor Trusts
Secured Futures
Pooled Preservation Trusts
Secured Futures
Pooled Special Needs Trusts
Secured Futures
Pooled Support Trusts 
Secured Futures
Professional Administration
of MSAs

Structured Settlements vs. Alternative 
Phil Krause
Which Trust Should I Recommend?
Secured Futures



Jim Jones Finds
Life-Changing Solutions

Ametros Testimonial
Cindy Chanley




CP Resolutions

  • Lien Resolution Flyer
  • MSA Flyer

JurisPrudent Deferral Solutions

Secured Futures

The Pinnacle Group

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