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“Go-To” Guy Needs Help After Fall

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Bill usually had the answer to everyone’s questions on the job site. He doesn’t remember his fall. Now his short-term memory loss makes him the one asking questions. He can work, but not in the same job or with the same pay.


Supplemental income, retirement enhancement


Dear Ringler Friends,

The financial adviser we talked to boasted that he could do a lot better than a structured pay out if we worked with him. Maybe we could have. But when we asked about guarantees, he got very quiet. And when we looked at the taxes and fees we would have to pay, we realized we were taking on more risk than made sense. You folks at Ringler understood because you work with accident victims like us every day. Thanks for helping us see the whole picture and putting the pieces together in a way that made good sense. With all that has happened, it’s good not to have to worry about whether our plan will work out.

Our best,

Bill & Janet