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Leif Lundberg

Leif Lundberg has worked exclusively in the field of attorney fee deferrals for almost two decades. He co-founded JurisPrudent in 2014 with a group of top experts in tax-deferred compensation serving clients like Microsoft, Cisco and Goldman Sachs. Leif grew up in Sweden where he played professional soccer for 3 years before obtaining a Bachelor of Law from Lund University and a Master of Law & Economics while attending Oxford, Hamburg and Ghent Universities. He’s an Alumni of Magdalen College, Oxford.

JurisPrudent brings an unmatched level of expertise to the marketplace. Our team includes leading authorities in attorney fee deferrals and corporate executive deferred compensation, and our program combines the best of both. We have also partnered with Bank of New York Mellon – the world’s largest trustee – to serve as the trustee of our program.


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